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The Commonwealth of Australia

Australia is one of the six largest countries in the world. It is unique due to the fact it covers an entire continent, several islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans, as well as the island of Tasmania. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located there. This hot country is famous for its numerous white sand beaches, ideal conditions for surfing, arid deserts, gold and diamonds deposits, and amazing wildlife. Australia is home to kangaroo, a wonderful animal that is considered to be the most recognised symbol of the Commonwealth. Here you can see koala, a representative of marsupials. Along with its nature, Australians are proud of their world famous attraction – the Sydney Opera House.


The Australian nature is one of the first things that attract tourists to this country. Gold sands of the Great Sandy Desert and the Great Victoria Desert, picturesque views of the Australian Alps with their highest peak Kosciuszko and beautiful Lake Eyre give travellers unforgettable impressions. In Australia, you’ll have a great opportunity to meet amazing animals such as platypus, koala, wombat, as well as colourful birds – cockatoo and emu.


Nearly three thousands of coral reefs and islands of over two thousands kilometres long form the unique ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is also famous for Ayers Rock, the largest solid stone rock, which is a sacred place of the Aboriginal people.


Be sure to visit the great Ocean Road and its Twelve Apostles – limestone stacks on the shore of Port Campbell National Park – a popular tourist destination in Victoria state, Australia. Tasmanian Jungle, a famous Australian rainforest, is worth to be seen as well. Moreover, Talbot Bay, Kimberley region, is the only place where you can see horizontal waterfalls. Cape Byron Light with beautiful views of the ocean, the Blue Mountains protected by UNESCO, and Kakadu National Park are part and parcel of the natural wealth of Australia.


Nature isn’t the only attraction of Australia. It is a well-planned country with large metropolitan areas, cities with interesting cultural life. Wherever you go – Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, or Melbourne – you’ll see modern skyscrapers of metal and glass reaching up the sky, or historical buildings, busy avenues, rich museums, and picturesque parks. Along with big cities, you can go to small towns and learn more about the ancient culture of Australia.


The Sydney Opera House is number one in the list of Australian architectural structures. In the country, you can notice many interesting and different buildings. Sydney and Melbourne aquariums, Sydney Tower of 300 meters high and unique Harbour Bridge tell us how modern Australia is. On the other hand, its temples turn us back to the days gone – St Patrick’s Cathedral, for instance, is one of the most beautiful and majestic temples of Australia. St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney is not less beautiful.


It’s quite hard to imagine Australia without its islands. The most beautiful of them are Phillip Island and Fraser Island. Phillip Island with its colourful lakes and beautiful dunes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be impressed with the island’s nature. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, famous for its unique plants and animals. Here you will see penguins and sea lions. The island of Heron and Thursday Island are home to the Aboriginal people. A visit to these islands to make an unforgettable journey and learn ancient traditions and mysteries.


Australia is a land of discoveries. Graeme Murphy, one of the world's top ballet choreographers, was born here. The oldest wind instrument – didgeridoo – was invented by the indigenous Australians. Polymer banknotes were developed in Australia. Aspirin, disposable syringe, contact lenses and many other things are inventions of the Australians. Australia is also one of the most famous wine producing countries: the Barossa Valley is one of the world’s largest areas occupied by ​​vineyards.


Australia is famous for its unique recipes. The national Australian cuisine artfully combines cuisine of many countries. Here you can taste your favourite European dishes seasoned with Asian herbs, or enjoy local food. Kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat is especially popular. An integral part of the Australian cuisine is seafood, including delicious trout cooked over the coals.


A visit to at least one of colourful celebrations of Australia will make your journey unforgettable. Rugby, Australian football, cricket, surfing, racing, horse racing are very popular in the country. Music festivals are popular as well. There you can see performances of talented rock, blues, and folk artists.


Australia is a striking exotic country with great opportunities for tourists. There you’ll be in an unforgettable atmosphere.

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