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Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

Lake Hiller - is the most mysterious and unusual lake in Australia. It is on the edge of the island of Middle. This lake is also called the Pink because its water has a bright pink color. If you look down on the lake, the surface resembles the icing on the dessert. Surrounding the lake zone of white salt and eucalyptus forest evergreen further emphasize its beauty. 

The first mention of this unique place dated 1802, when the explorer Matthew Flinders stayed on the island on the way to the city of Sydney. In addition, on the lake told hunters who lived here. In the early 20th century, it was mined salt, but six years later it was stopped. And already in 1950 were held the very first study of Lake Hiller. However, until now scientists can not explain the reason for the pink color of the water in it. There have been suggestions that this color give algae that secrete saltwater special pigment that colors the water. But after numerous studies, it became clear that no algae in the lake and there was not. So Pink Lake remains a mystery today, which is still to unravel the world. 


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