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Stars will remove a movie about things to do in Australia

Stars will remove a movie about things to do in Australia

Local authorities have decided to increase the attractiveness of Australia as a resort and prove that kangaroos are not the main attraction of the country. For this purpose, remove a series of promotional films under the telling title "One Day in Paradise". 

Starting this week, the top 20 filmmakers will go to the tropics of North Queensland for the adrenaline rush and exciting adventures. Queensland is often called the state of contrasts. Nature of the region is extremely diverse, and it is represented by solar coastal and lush tropical forests and arid inland, more like a desert. 

Minister of Tourism Australia Jane Stuckey said that the films clearly show the attractiveness of the tropical region of North Queensland, demonstrate excellent tour and unforgettable landscapes. 

"We want to show Australia from a new angle. And we hope that it will attract a new stream of tourists - said Mrs. Stuckey. - Each year, we have up to 4 million tourists. Although last year the flow has increased significantly, registered almost 5.5 million tourists". 

Each episode will be your narrator. His task is to keep up with two minutes to show the beauty of nature and to share impressions of the particular area. What? This will determine the draw, which will hold before the start of filming. Author of the best stories will receive a cash prize of 75 thousand dollars. In the films present the best attractions of the northern region, including ancient woodland, popular food, especially ethnic cuisine, indigenous people and, of course, the Great Barrier Reef.  

A series of films will be available through YouTube in May this year. Winner and the best storyteller determine by vote and by the amount of views a particular series. Start advertising company in Australia eagerly awaited, because such a large share of the country was not yet. 

The film will be very bright and dynamic, modern style clips. Trailer of the film "One Day in Paradise" plan to broadcast on screens in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as it will be shown in local theaters, on television and on the Internet. And in June, a group of representatives of the tourism industry in Queensland award winner. Likely to share their plans for the organizers, rewarding and summarizing advertising company grow into a grand celebration.

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